We are digital innovation consultants.

We design digital technologies to accelerate business development.

Our consultancy

We offer consulting services with the aim of accelerating technological potential and ensuring significant business growth. This is a job that we carry out in a dedicated and always strategic way: we start from an in-depth dialogue with the ruling class, after which we implement the most suitable digital solutions to encourage development in the long term.

The fundamental importance of technological acceleration

Technological innovation is at the heart of the strategy

Today, growing your company is much more difficult than it was 30/40 years ago. The ruling classes have to face competition on a global scale, increasingly frequent economic crises and above all an uncertain future that makes it difficult to plan long-term strategies.

In this context, the only asset truly capable of guaranteeing a competitive advantage is technological innovation. Only companies that invest to improve their technological potential are able to grow with a long-term vision. 

Glacom's task is to accompany the ruling classes who wish to technologically enhance their company with dedicated, strategic and continuous consultancy.

We accelerate digital technologies to foster business development.

What types of consultancy do we offer?
  • We are not a simple laboratory of IT experts: our job consists in studying the potential and strengths of companies, and then designing the most suitable technological solutions to promote growth with a 360 ° approach.

  • Process digitization

    We study business processes and design software to digitize them completely. This is a process consultancy that we carry out in a dedicated way, that is, tailored to the nature of the company's activities: we are convinced that only through a radically personalized path can the most profitable advantages in terms of internal optimization and enhancement be obtained.

  • Customized software

    We design customized software within a strategic consulting process with the aim of promoting business development. Tailor-made work allows us to use digital technology only in those areas that need it and in the most useful ways for growth.

  • Automations

    We offer process consultancy with the aim of optimizing internal resources and automating the tasks, activities or jobs performed by human personnel that can be replaced by computer scripts or software.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

    AI is a revolutionary technology that is affecting all types of activities, from the optimization of business processes to the strengthening of relationships with customers. We offer dedicated advice to put AI at the service of business development.

  • Digital marketing

    We manage the digital communication of companies through dedicated digital marketing services: SEO, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, creation of commercials and more. The goal is to increase both online sales and the Customer's digital reputation.

  • Technologies for the internationalization

    We offer strategic advice for all companies that want to enhance their presence abroad. We build database of target contacts, we design eCommerce for abroad, we take care of the visibility on search engines, we digitally accelerate the tasks of the commercial departments and much more.

Our way of working

We do not only offer digital services and / or products, we are consultants and constantly accompany the customer in the development process.

We dialogue with executives and identify the potential for business development.


We design specific digital technologies that enhance the growth of the company.


Thanks to digital innovations, the company can grow in the long term.


Our digital consulting services

We plan company growth through the use of cutting-edge digital technologies, the installation of dedicated software, the programming of digital marketing strategies towards foreign markets.

These are our main digital services.

IT applications
IT applications

We design customized IT applications, with the aim of meeting specific business needs. Ours is a process consultancy that exploits technological innovation to optimize business functions.

Web Design
Web Design

We design websites and mobile apps with a high aesthetic profile. We design graphic interfaces in the name of the latest web design trends, in compliance with the rules of good online browsing and gamification.


We build innovative platforms for online sales. We work with an approach of total customization: our goal is to design without any limit all the IT functions useful for business growth.

Search Engine Marketing - SEO & SEA
Search Engine Marketing - SEO & SEA

We develop SEO plans for Italy and abroad to position websites on the first pages of search engines. We increase user traffic on the website in a structural and organic way, with the aim of boosting online sales.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

We design business development plans on social networks. We build social growth strategies supported by cutting-edge analytics and software tools. We take care of the creation of contents and performance measurement.

Marketing Automation for B2B
Marketing Automation for B2B

We build dedicated databases with lists of target companies. We put these contacts at the service of company departments to encourage the expansion of sales and push internationalization, with technologies for the automatic sending of commercial communications.

3D Configurators and Augmented Reality
3D Configurators and Augmented Reality

We design applications in code to allow the autonomous configuration of complex products. We implement this technology within a process consultancy to enhance the sales department.

Corporate Video & Film Production
Corporate Video & Film Production

We create corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, films, interviews and cutting-edge visual products. We use these creations with the specific purpose of supporting corporate growth strategies.

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We are hiring!