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We apply every SEO and SEM strategy to position the website on search engines.

  • Organic positioning
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO copywriting
  • Conversational SEO

The success of a good website starts with SEO

SEO is based on a very simple concept: it doesn't make sense to have a good website if it is not visible to anyone. In fact, it often happens to many business executives to buy a great website, but not be able to sell with the desired volumes. The reason why this happens, most of the time, is due to an inefficient management of the first and most important of all digital marketing tools: SEO.

SEO. is the first thing to do to make your website visible.

What is SEO?
  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization
  • It's about organic ranking on Google
  • It is used to be present on Google in a structural form
  • It leads to lasting positioning, but through slow growth over time
What is SEM?
  • SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing
  • It's about paid placement (AdWords)
  • It is used to be present on Google temporarily, for single specific moments
  • Immediately leads to front page rankings, but runs out as soon as payment ends
Optimization from an IT point of view

Technical SEO: optimizing the IT code

One of the most important segments of SEO is that which has to do with the IT parameters written in the website code.

We provide a department of specialized IT technicians able to implement all the parameters necessary for a correct Technical SEO. We optimize websites through a total management of all the IT variables involved, with continuous monitoring of performance.

Our goal is to optimize the Client's website in order to increase visibility and thus promote the growth of online sales or the Brand.

  • Broken links, error e redirects
  • robots.txt
  • Sitemap XML
  • Structured data
  • Page Speed

A good SEO strategy starts from the foundation: information technology.

Writing for the Web

SEO Copywriting: the role of the “Blog”

SEO Copywriting is one of the most important dimensions of SEO, able over time to guarantee the achievement of an authoritative, structured and constant positioning on Google. We carry out this type of service with an approach that aims to improve online visibility, implementing an area called "Blog" within the website: it is a collection of specialized articles, written with the aim of intercepting the logic of the Google algorithm and user searches.

Depending on the topic to be discussed, we select and assign a dedicated copywriter expert in the sector, always monitoring the SEO performance, national or international according to the customer's needs.

We offer 360-degree strategic SEO consultancy.

SEO Analytics tools

The tools that Glacom uses for SEO

The professionals involved

Our goal is to propose a quality, complete SEO at the service of the pre-established business objectives.

SEO Specialist
SEO Analyst
SEO Copywriter
Back-End Developer
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